Tutorial 5: handling intersecting curves in line charts

This tutorial shows how to deal with intersecting curves in line charts. When facing the problem of intersecting curves, we must distinguish two cases: first the intersecting curves have different colors and second the intersecting curves have identical color.

Case 1:

With this case Chart2Data can deal directly. The only detour we have to take is that we must convert each curve separately as we did in Tutorial 4: Convert Line Chart (two colored dashed lines) when we needed to convert two dashed curves with different colors. To accomplish the task ahead we also use the feature Preserve Color by clicking twice on the checkbox Remove Color. Then we convert the two curves one after the other in two steps (or more if needed).


Case 2:

With this case (intersecting lines have identical color) Chart2Data can only deal with additional help from an image manipulation program like GIMP or MS Paint. We have to create a separate chart image file for each curve as shown in Tutorial 3: Convert a black and white line chart (black gridlines and black curves). and delete everything from the chart files except the respective curve to convert.