Chart2Data: Convert Chart Images to Data – Easy


Lost a spreadsheet file with important data and the only thing that’s available is a hardcopy with a chart of that data? Want to compare your data to data that is presented in a chart in a PDF document? Then Chart2Data is what you need! Chart2data is able to convert charts to data and save it in a csv-file that can be imported into your spreadsheet software.

Try it out! The results coming from Chart2Data have a much higher accuracy compared to reading numbers off the chart by eye. Chart2Data is targeted at everybody who needs hard numbers from charts.



  • Convertible chart types: line, scatter, bar, column, and pie
  • Charts with multiple lines can be converted when the lines do not cross or touch each other. In case touching or crossing lines have to be converted, a tutorial is available at
  • Grid lines can be removed easily if they are in a different color than the curves to be converted. In case gridlines with identical color as the lines have to be removed a tutorial is available also.
  • Select a curve to convert by color
  • Wizard mode (chart conversion step-by-step)
  • Expert mode


recommended Hardware:

  • x86 or x64 processor for conversion of charts with multiple curves
  • minimum resolution (1366×768, 100% resolution scale)
  • pointing device (i. e. mouse or stylus pen) for precise selection of pixel coordinates